Now, there are two views of News Feed: a summary view of the most interesting activity that’s happened in the last day and a real-time view that shows you what is happening right now. And now, What is the difference between News Feed and Live Feed? News Feed aggregates the most interesting content that your friends are posting, while Live Feed shows you all the actions your friends are making in real-time.

Tips & Trick

* FACEBOOK IS BLOCKING ALL YOUR FRIENDS’ NEWS FEEDS EXCEPT FOR 250 THEY CHOOSE. TO UNDO BLOCK: Go to your Home page. Make sure your news feed shows “Live Feed” at the top of the page. Then scroll to the bottom & click ” Edit Opt…..ion.” You will then see your “News Feed Settings.” Change the 250 to 5000 for Facebook’s friend limit, and your feed will work correctly again…


* Highlights and News Feed have been merged into one single stream in order to provide you with more control over what you see on your home page. Now when you load Facebook for the first time in a while, you’ll land on your News Feed, which contains a summary of the best content that you missed. After you’ve caught up on what you’ve missed, you can switch to the Live Feed. The Live Feed is a real-time stream that allows you to connect and share with friends’ updates immediately as they are occurring.

* To add someone back to your News Feed, follow these steps:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of your News Feed and click “Edit Options.”
  2. If you are looking for a friend, scan the list to find that person. If you are looking for a public profile, select the Public Profiles tab.
  3. Click “Add to News Feed” to see their posts again.
  4. Click “Close” to save your changes.

* To view only Status Updates from your friends on your home page, select the “Status Updates” filter from the left side of the page.

* When someone sends you a friend request, public stories about you may appear in their News Feed. If you decline a friend request from this person, public stories about you (stories that have the privacy set to “Everyone“) will no longer appear in their News Feed. Please note that News Feed will never show stories that a non-friend wouldn’t ordinarily be able to see. For example, if you posted a video and set the privacy to “Friends,” a person who is waiting for you to approve their friend request would not see that in their News Feed. If you had set the video to be visible to Everyone, that person would see it.

You can always change your privacy settings by selecting “Privacy Settings” under the Settings drop-down menu and clicking the appropriate section.

* If you don’t have Edit Option Button at the bottom of your live feed :

1. Make sure you select ‘Live Feed‘ at the top – should say ‘Live Feed‘ followed by View News Feed.
2. Scroll all the way to the bottom. If the ‘Edit Options‘ link does not show in the right side of the ‘Older Posts‘ blue box at the bottom, hover over anyone’s post above, and a ‘Hide‘ dropdown appears in the right corner of their post. Click on ‘Hide‘ and it should drop a box that says ‘Hide (persons name)‘. Select that person to hide them. You should now see the ‘Edit Options‘ in the bottom blue box to the right of ‘Older Posts’.
3. Click on ‘Edit Options‘. If it does not bring up a box that has ‘Number of Friends‘ in the bottom left, then cancel and go back to the top of your page. Select News Feed. Then re-select Live Feed.
4. Click on the ‘Edit Options‘ link again. You should now see the ‘Number of Friends‘ in the bottom left. I read somewhere the 5000 is the maximum number of friends a person can have, so to see everyone’s posts, change that number to 5000.
Hope that explains it better!

Thanks to :

*KA Parwati, Facebook Help Center, Answer From Other User