Many programs on the internet promise they can make you money. Many programs promise you riches and security. The reality is that most of these programs are just blowing smoke. The people that put these programs together give you just enough information to get you involved, but not making money. Free and Powerful is not one of those programs. This program is put together to provide its members with a viable means for making money online.

Here is what Free and Powerful is. It’s a program based around a niche market. That niche market being, people search engines. According to the producer of this program, sixty percent of all searches on Google are people searches. As a result, when you get involved with Free and Powerful you are putting yourself in a good position to making money online.

When you sign up for this program you have a couple of options, the first is to promote your search engine and the second is to promote the program itself.

Promoting the search engine. The search engine is basic, looks like this Once a person conducts a search, the search engine will provide them with basic information. If the person doing the search wants more detailed information they must pay for it. The sale of this information results in a commission to you. Examples of products offered from your search engine are reverse phone look up, background checks, and past history. The commissions are good and you can make good money from each sale.

Promoting Free and Powerful. This is where someone can make a steady stream of money. By promoting this product you are essentially creating your own business. When you sign up to get your people search engine, the hosting company you use is Global Domain International. Why is this important? They pay you a residual income for promoting their site. So, once you sign up for Free and Powerful your only job is to introduce it to other people. The system is completely automated with all your referral links; therefore you get credit for each person that signs up.

So what does this cost? It can be free. This depends on your commitment to making money. If you really want to see this program pay you back over and over again, then it will cost you ten dollars a month. This does cover your domain name and your hosting. Anyone that starts an online business knows that you must start with a domain name and hosting first. Don’t worry the people search engines are already designed, and the steps to set everything up are very simple. Plus it allows you to collect residual income, and weekly bonuses from GDI..

There are many more benefits with this program and the opportunity to make eight streams of income. One of the other benefits is a forum designed specifically for Free and Powerful members where every question you have can be answered very quickly by people that are doing the same thing as you. Internet marketing can be tough, but this program really bridges the gap between the experienced and the newbie.



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